Detour for Hwy 89 Construction

Here is the Detour route to avoid the 6 mile section on US 89 under construction this year just North of Choteau Montana.

 (If you want to drive through the construction zone they have pilot cars on week days and weekends. Expect a gravel roadway.)

Driving North Leaving Choteau:

 From Choteau Mountain View RV Campground, heading North towards Dupuyer, Valier, Browning Glacier NP etc.

            Left on Highway 221 when leaving park.

            Next Left at end of block on Highway 220

            Left at end of road on Highway 219

            Right onto US 89  to go to Dupuyer, Valier, Browning Glacier NP etc


            Left if you want to go to the Bynum Dinosaur Museum or Rock Shop!

Driving South:  When Arriving in Choteau from the North , Dupuyer, Valier, Browning Glacier NP etc   to Choteau Mountain View RV Campground

            straight past Dupuyer MT 

            Left on Highway 219

            Right on Highway 220

            Right on Highway 221

            Immediate Right into Choteau Mountain View RV Campground (center of town in 3/4 mile down Highway 221)

              (pull up to A frame building to check in)

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